Over 90% of the people we work with are long term clients, or have been referred to us by our clients or other attorneys.

There is a reason.

We are litigators, mediators, and arbitrators handling high stakes and complicated disputes on behalf of clients from many different industries.  Our flexible approach makes us both aggressive advocates and creative negotiators.
We deal with complex issues, legal gray areas, and cases that don’t quite fit the mold; if your case is unique, you need our help.


We handle disputes arising out of:

Business Dealings and Contract Breaches

Real Estate

Intellectual Property

Legal Ethics, Malpractice, and Legal Fees

We work with you to create a plan for your case based on your goals.  We keep you informed as it progresses, and we are always available to answer your questions.

We are aggressive litigators and skilled negotiators.  Our approach is flexible and we will adjust as your case evolves.

We have experience mediating and arbitrating cases, which gives us valuable perspective on case value and settlement options.